We uphold high ethical standards of honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business dealings. We maintain a climate that attracts the best people and provides them with rewarding
career opportunities.


One of our core values is that "we treat each other with dignity, honesty, and respect. We value and encourage each other's abilities and creativity."

We do not take this or any of our core values lightly. As John McMeel has stated, "Our products are in the minds of our creators and authors". It takes every one of our associates working together to get that product out to each and every customer that we serve.

We work in a fun environment, one that is filled with deadlines, excitement, laughter, as well as high expectations for doing the right things and doing them well.

At Andrews McMeel Universal we have positions in editorial, writing, graphic design, technology, sales, sales administration, publishing, promotions and publicity, product development, production, web development, programming, network administration, accounting, and human resources.

All of these positions are dispersed throughout publishing, syndication, our internet company, and the corporate setting. All positions at AMU are bound together with the common thread of meeting our customer needs and treating everyone we contact with dignity, honesty, trust, and respect.