Owners Founded in 1970 by Jim Andrews and John McMeel, Andrews McMeel Universal is renowned as the home of some of the most extraordinary and vibrant creative talents working today. For more than four decades, Andrews McMeel Universal and its divisions, Andrews McMeel Syndication, Andrews McMeel Publishing, and Andrews McMeel Entertainment, have helped define American popular culture by giving a voice to the storytellers of our age. AMU has established and nurtured relationships with creators, customers and clients that are foundational to its success and remarkable in the current market environment.

Zonker AMU started with a simple question: "What if?" Their answer to that question has blossomed into the world's largest independent newspaper syndication company and includes book publishing, calendars, television, movies, and digital content. Known for cutting-edge comics and best-selling humor, cooking, puzzle, and children's books, AMU has a passion for publishing original talent and delighting readers with innovative features, books, calendars, and gifts that are worth sharing.

John McMeel and Jim AndrewsThrough comic strips, newspaper columns, books, calendars, greeting cards, gift items, mobile applications and websites, this quiet Kansas City company has discovered, nurtured and promoted many of the most gifted, original creators of our time. The company is known for its quality – including exclusive access to some of the biggest brands in the world, as well as quantity: 100+ features more than the next largest competitor. Big Nate, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Garfield, and Peanuts are just a few examples of the marquee brands in AMU's portfolio.

The Complete Far Side AMU's vision is to be the best global syndication and publishing company. Their corporate mission is to actively pursue and acquire the best creative talent, and to foster, distribute and market this talent with the intent of informing or entertaining people around the world.

Over the years AMU, Andrews McMeel Syndication, Andrew McMeel Publishing (AMP), and Andrews McMeel Entertainment (film and television division), has attracted and acquired some of the world's most recognizable brands, with millions of loyal followers.