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Andrews McMeel Universal

John P. McMeel

Hugh Andrews
Vice Chairman

Andy Sareyan
President and Chief Executive Officer

Les Hinmon
Sr. Vice President and CFO

Linda Jones
Sr. Vice President, Sales and Licensing

Susan Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Sussman
Chief Digital Officer

Brent Bartram
Vice President, Finance

Kevin Greenlee
Vice President, Technology

Randy Herr
Vice President, Controller

David Ohman
Vice President, Digital Product Development


Andrews McMeel Syndication

John Glynn
President and Editorial Director

Sue Roush
Vice President, Managing Editor

John Vivona
Vice President, Sales

Andrews McMeel Publishing

Kirsty Melville
President, Book Division

James Andrews
Vice President, Licensing

Brent Bartram
Vice President, Operations

Dan Boston
Vice President, Sales-Calendars/
Mass Markets

Kathy Hilliard
Vice President, Marketing

Cliff Koehler
Vice President, Production

Lynne McAdoo
Vice President, Sales-Books

Michael Nonbello
Vice President and Creative Director of Calendars and Greeting Cards


Andrews McMeel Entertainment

Bridget McMeel