We have relied on our philosophy to propel us forward and on our mission to guide us. These two principles have allowed us to maintain focus, while remembering where we came from and where we want to go.

Mission and Philosophy

It is our mission at Andrews McMeel Universal to actively pursue and acquire the best creative talent, and to foster, distribute, and market this talent with the intent of informing or entertaining people around the world.

Our Core Values


AMP Products We treat each other with dignity, honesty, trust, and respect. We value and encourage each other's abilities and creativity.


We seek out, develop and nurture the best creative talent. We set high goals for ideas and customer satisfaction.


We work as a team, constantly striving to do what is best for our creators, clients, and associates. We share ideas and encourage others to do their best.


We uphold high ethical standards of honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business dealings. We maintain a climate that attracts the best people and provides them with rewarding career opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We seek to enrich our communities and the lives of the people who live in them by investing our resources and time.


“We're a talent agency,” says John McMeel, chairman of Andrews McMeel Universal and co-founder of Universal Uclick. “A special kind of talent agency, because the creators and authors we represent and promote are special kinds of people.

"The relationships between our company and our creators and authors—and our relationships with the editors, writers and artists on our own staff—are the foundation upon which this company was built and has succeeded. Without them we'd have no company, no reason to exist.”

Inspired by one of Erma Bombeck's columns, Kathleen Andrews, vice chairman of Andrews McMeel Universal, says, “Creative people are like kites. They fly high above the rest of us, inspiring us and filling us with awe. But there has to be somebody down here, on the ground, holding the string, pulling it tight, letting it out, or the kite couldn't fly. If you let go of the string, the kite will crash. But if you don't give the kite enough string, it'll never fly as high as it can. That's what our company does. We hold the strings not too tight, not too loose. The kite is the creator. And the flight of the kite is the creativity.”